Analysing People With Dark Psychology (2023)

How to Analyse People With Dark Psychology?

Dark Psychology is basically manipulative behavior for one’s own benefits whether it may cause harm to next person. So generally, it is taken in a negative sense.

Analysing People With Dark Psychology
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People with dark psychology often considered to be a psychopath. They are cunning, cold-blooded and toxic persons.

People with dark psychology Signs


Dark Triad personality is somehow called Narcissist which seems to be charming and having aura. Dark personality and narcissism can be differentiated like latter one, often looks for a victim for seeking emotional energy from them and dark triad use people for objective benefits like for work and money.

Narcissist get easily manifested towards people with codependency syndrome where you have to look your own responsibility.


These people are fearless and having high impulsivity and they try to control people.These psychopaths having a great affinity towards pain, they like giving pain and receiving pain. It is not only limited to emotional pain but people may feel physical pain.


There are different kind of brain patterns and thus they are having less part of prefrontal cortex which is crucial for analysing things and behavior but due to reduced form of this cortex they remain low conscious, there is a neurotransmitter in our body i.e. serotonin(a consciousness hormone) Role of Serotonin ;which is responsible for activating PFC but due to low consciousness so thus serotonin. And this phenomenon is called Serotonin Syndrome. Due to lack of this serotonin they are cold- blooded,having very low body temperature.

These dark triads are pathological liars which is mostly controlled by mid-brain due to which they may remain in a category of infidelity.

Dark Personalities remain uncheerful and Moody because dopamine and serotonin which is responsible for neuro plasticity. People with dark psychology have high amount of adrenaline or emergency hormone due to which they are aggressive, remain irritating and may harm to next person in order to maintain their ego.

Some Symptoms Of People with Dark Psycholgy are;

  • Hypersensitivity.
  • Hydrophobic.
  • May have allergic reactions like itching.
  • Due to lack of sleep they would may have dark circles.
  • They have dark humor. Having difficulty in understanding emotions of another person.
  • Highly self conscious to their image and always try to achieve whatever they want at next person’s expense.

People with dark psychology influence you, try to change your identity, opinions and thoughts by playing with words or by playing with your emotions.

Dark psychology is a manipulative Psychology, which can you make go crazy even if you are not so hazy ! Be careful but be hopeful, be aware even if you are already a braver!

Dark Psycholgy People Advantages

But it is good also in some ways like;

  • It makes you feel from guilty
  • People with this triad feel more strong to face Criticisms and it provides you a defence mechanis.m
  • confidence boost-up.
  • With time, analysing power also enhances.