Dreading Crime And Psychology

Crime is an act of infringement of the law. Crime is an illegal behavior or activity which affects the victim’s life for which criminals were punished. An act that is punishable, unlawful, prohibited, or harmful to others or also the state or central authority is considered a crime.

We live in a world where millions commit crimes every day. People do this knowing that it is a crime, but the fire of revenge remains in them, and they forget humanity. People commit different crimes every day, which are very dreading and scary crimes, that make your soul tremble.

Dreadful crimes, such as murder, assault, and sexual assault, are a tragic reality in the United States. Despite efforts to reduce crime and improve public safety, these types of incidents continue to occur and have a profound impact on victims, their families, and communities.

According to the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, the approximated number of violent crimes in the United States was over 1 million in 2021. Property crimes, such as theft and burglary, also remain a concern for many Americans.

It is important to remember that crime affects people from all walks of life and can happen anywhere. Law enforcement agencies and communities are working together to prevent and respond to these types of incidents, but it is also up to individuals to take steps to protect themselves and those around them.

This includes being aware of one’s surroundings, taking steps to secure homes and vehicles, and reporting suspicious activity to the police. While crime is a serious issue that must be addressed, it’s also important to focus on the positive things happening in our communities and to support those who have been impacted by violence.

Murders in large U.S. cities are down more than 5 percent in 2022 compared to the same time last year, according to the research firm AH Datalytics.


The psychology of criminals behind their crime is their behavior, intention, action, reaction,and thoughts of criminals. Forensic psychology is applied to criminal psychology for criminal justice and law. It is the field related to anthropology and discipline which contributes to criminology.

  • There are five types of criminal psychology –
    1. Violent crime
    2. Property crime
    3. White-collar crime
    4. Organized crime
    5. Consensual crime


Various causes of the crime depend on the nature of the crime, situation, and time.  Criminalization is an ongoing process based on different circumstances.

  • POVERTY – Poverty is one of the most important reasons people commit such crimes because when they are unable to complete their basic needs and necessities for sustaining a good life they do illegal things to complete it.
  • UNEMPLOYMENT– The lack of unemployment and job opportunities in the country are the reasons for crime. Many people are unemployed, especially youth unable to complete their requirements due to lack of work. To get some work they commit such crimes.
  • RELIGION– Religion has a significant role in the crime. Even today you may hear about crime because of religion. All have their religion and their belief in their religion was so much that if anybody points the finger at their religion then it becomes a massive case of contention.
  • BACKGROUND –The condition of the family and their background is one of the causes of crime. As if a person has come to know that now he has become so liable that he has grown so much that he can fulfill the needs of his family if he is not able to.  Fulfilling these needs and being unable to bear that much responsibility, is a condition in which an individual can commit such crimes.
  • COMPETITION– In today’s world people want to outdo each other.  Running after success, and in this field, the competition is huge to cut that competition and reach over that people take such unlawful steps.
  • POLITICS– There are interdependent connections between Crime and politics. In many states, many politicians were engaged in crime. They commit such crimes for their benefit and to make their party strong. There are several case files every day. there are umpteen politicians with a criminal record. Further, there have been a few politicians d developing countries who have also been associated with such crimes.
  • SOCIETY–  In today’s world everyone wants to be wealthy. Money became more important for a relationship and for maintaining social constraints and those who are unable to match that societal status commit such crimes.
  • INEQUALITY– Inequality is the important reason which results in crime. In today’s world, everyone needs equality whether it is a woman, whether it is a child, or whether it is an old man.  Even if he is handicapped, everyone wants quality.  Everyone should be seen in the same way everywhere.  be given equal rights. And people who do not get this equality in society and do not have rights.  right to live equally, to live life according to your own, and into freedom than when committing such crimes.

– One of the most dreading and terrible crimes RAPE. Why do people commit this crime?
According to most psychologist psychological disorders in childhood is the main cause of rapist. Men rape because they want to be dominant over women. But now we can’t say that rape can happen to women now rape can happen to men or children of all ages. There can be several reasons people commit such crimes. The investigation established that the major factors for the males to commit rape were their craving for sexism and inability to defy lust (75%), the influence of pornography and porn videos (47.7%), the seductiveness of a woman (52.3%), and women’s garments (45%).


Many different ways and strategies can prevent crime. A good plan can prevent crime and victimization and also maintain sustainable development.  Crime can be reduced if people follow such rules and regulations which automatically reduce crime. If an individual acquires knowledge about law and humanity, and if they treat others in a good way then will reduce and humanity will take place.

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