Drexel Clinical Psychology Review

Drexel University’s clinical psychology program is a highly competitive program that offers both a Ph.D. and a Psy.D. degree in clinical psychology. Here are some important points to consider when reviewing Drexel’s clinical psychology program:

  1. Program emphasis: Drexel’s clinical psychology program emphasizes a scientist-practitioner model, which emphasizes the integration of clinical practice and scientific research. Students are required to complete coursework, practica, and research experiences to develop competencies in assessment, intervention, and research.
  2. Faculty: Drexel’s clinical psychology program has a diverse and accomplished faculty who are active in research and clinical practice. Prospective students should review faculty profiles to identify potential research mentors and clinical supervisors.
  3. Clinical training: Drexel’s clinical psychology program offers a range of clinical training opportunities, including rotations in the university’s counseling center, community mental health centers, and hospitals. The program also emphasizes the use of evidence-based interventions and cultural competence in clinical practice.
  4. Research opportunities: Drexel’s clinical psychology program emphasizes research and provides students with numerous opportunities to engage in research throughout their training. Prospective students should review the program’s research focus areas to identify potential research interests.
  5. Student support: Drexel’s clinical psychology program provides students with a supportive learning environment and offers resources for academic and professional development, such as workshops and mentorship programs.

Overall, Drexel’s clinical psychology program is a rigorous and competitive program that offers comprehensive training in clinical psychology. Prospective students should review the program’s requirements and faculty profiles, as well as consider their own research and clinical interests, to determine if the program is a good fit for them.

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