Forced Feminization psychology

Feminization is the development of sexual characteristics. It characterizes the role of gender and sex in society, organization, or group. Feminization refers to many different fields- Biological feminization, Feminization in the act, language, activity, sociology, workplace, and even agricultural works. Feminization is the sexual or lifestyle of the person which determines the role of a female else femme. A societal perspective on the portrayal of females.

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There exist numerous different levels of cross-dressing. Many of them are more fetish based.  Which fetish base is considered as forced feminization or forced femme the area where many males explore more about their sexuality and gender roles. Few of them know about this and many of them lack understanding and knowledge. So let’s define Forced Feminization?


As we know that we make psychology on the basis of what majority of society thinks. We categorized everything on the basis of gender like color, dress, and what not . on the name of equality we sometime even be a part of femme by reversing gender roles. We sometime assume that our predetermined roles should be performed by our opposite gender. In the present era we are glorifying equality such a way that we are losing our gender roles.

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Sometime it has been observed that men are supposed to do work under influence of their partner (either men or women) .It has not extent till here , it is broad like on the workplace, in a relationship, or is just a fantasy . it is mostly seen in sexual fantasy. Where female is dominant over men .where she expected to do her role to be done by her partner  basically it includes clothing style or make up could be seen in hyper feminine.

Participation should be always be voluntary and boundaries established before the play of outset. That is why it is important to have understanding partner and should not dominant over the other .every character has there own identity if we forced to alter it we could not get it properly. And also it is important to discuss the fantasies with the partner. Are they comfortable or not , by applying force method we are pressurized the feeling of our partner.

How a male should behave in forced Feminization?

FORCED FEMINZATION is the guide for the male gender who may considered as not REAL by some opinions and psychological characterization . This guidance was given to the feminized male as a part or process to feminized them. it means that  to give feminine character or appearances to cause a male to assume feminine characteristics .it is not like to change gender permanentlyit means to give feminine character or appearance causes a male to assume feminine characteristics.

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It is not like changing gender perpetually. It does not have any special potions or magical stuff that monopolize them to become less like men and more feminine. Mainly it covers all the aspects related to man-makers and aside from them females. It masculine the masculine tone of the male person. It sensitizes the male person to feel the feminine sensual and sexy role of females.
The males who want to feminize are reaching for crossdressing perfection to become make it female (MTF). The masculine maintain their self in terms of their body and makeup to reach the stage of feminized male.


Feminization is the theory that predicts, explores, and explains the roles of gender and the workplace. Some very individual women face many problems regarding their feminine empowerment. On the other hand, there are many masculine who faced forced to be feminized in comparison to the females who are doing well in their life in every field. Many women face negative experiences and are less successful because of their feminization. Which also results in slower advancement, less professionalism, with fewer opportunities. To know more about the feminization theory check out this link.


We are in a generation where every individual wants to explore every day new things with new fascinations. There are many different reasons why people choose to forcefully feminize there self. Firstly, the individual who wants to try something different and explore the ground of sexuality.

Secondly, Fantasy is one of the reasons which is common in this domain.

Those who need a submissive partner feel feminity without any guilt. They want their partner to have such feminity sissification. Men by exploring their gender, sexuality, and fantasy think that may the dominant partner enjoy bringing their men with FEMALE PERSONA which is exciting for the masculine and feminine partners. It makes the exciting exploration in the ground for sexual fantasy.

Lastly, it is extensively possible that only time when you outfit in women’s clothes, which are more likely to be kink based that is not the same thing to wear a dress like transgender which tends to make forced feminization where a person feels satisfied with how they recognize.

The only way women forced their men to feminize is when she is more dominant about themselves and he is more submissive. Most of the men were forcefully feminized and the reason behind this was the dominant women.


The psychology behind this feminization is a sex ratio that impacts the gender of feminity and masculinity which has both positive and negative aspects. However, feminization directs in the field of psychology. It usually determines the gender-related shift from male to female. Eventually, the proclamation of feminization of counselling psychology primarily contemplates the Western cultural environment on this ground, most particularly one of the developed countries of the world united States.

Forced feminization also known as the practice of sissification is done by the female dominant partner, who wants to make their male-identified partner the feminized role. It is the subsets of practice which determine sissy training. Males faced this force in many fields with the comparison to women. Mostly in all fields, this force is faced by masculine like in the workplace, Education, organizations, and society.

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