How does employee participation increase motivation?

Employees are the backbone of the businesses be it small firm with 2 people employed or a big organization 200k working day in and day out to grow company’s business. So, the motivation of employees become a important criteria in order to see that the company keeps growing in terms of revenue and profits.

Employees develop a way of commitment and involvement when employees are listened to and are told where the corporate is headed . Employee participation enhances motivation.

Workforce management studies confirm that more and more companies shall take their employees’ wishes under consideration when creating their schedule. Where this has already happened, everyone benefits: employees whose personal needs are met are more motivated and more productive.

Shift work, especially night work, may be a burden, not only to health, but also on social life. Time for family, friends and personal activities is decided by fluctuating working times. The extent of the strain depends on notification times and therefore the stability of the schedule – but also on personal preferences of the worker .

The responsibility of workforce management, to scale back the negative health effects of variable working times, is recognized and anchored in law. In contrast, social needs are generally not yet considered in schedule design.

Many organizations still hold close the thought that schedules are fair if they’re an equivalent for everybody . But social factors have changed and need a greater differentiation of individual factors such as below

  • The value of family and leisure has increased.
  • Fathers are more involved in childcare.
  • The number of employees who provide look after relations has increased.
  • More employees have a second job in USA or developed nations.
  • The planning of working time deployment has also changed

how does employee participation increase motivation

More flexibility is demanded of employees, who successively demand more flexibility in scheduling.
Specialized staff scheduling software allows employee must be explicitly taken under consideration.

Benefits of Employee Participation

Employee Participation is employed as a tool to reinforce the relationships within the organization.

1. Employee Participation increases the work satisfaction and morale of the workers and successively enhances their the matters associated with production, welfare, productive efficiency.

2. It increases their commitment towards their organization.

3. It provides the workers with the chance to share and use their ideas and knowledge within the business deciding .

4. It helps within the cost reduction by minimizing supervision and control on employee

5. It improves the employee-management relations

6. It finally increases and improves business performance of the organization.