How to make a guy chase you using male psychology?

Do you want to know how to make a guy chase you? 

Perhaps you might not have idea on how men think in regards of a woman? 

By the time you’re done with this article, you’ll be able to understand how to make guys flock around you. Now the question is how will you achieve it? We have this article just for you that can be useful if you want him to chase you based of male psychology. Let’s start our ride through male’s mind.

Men are usually goal-orientated and focused to be the winners, as winning a subtle goal gives them greater self-esteem. So if something is easily attainable it won’t seem like a worthy win to them. Men finds the chase exciting and it strikes their ego to feel they’re the one who is finally going to get her attention – and in bed.

They are doers and like to see the results for the efforts they put. If they get something for nothing they don’t think much of it. They’d rather work hard and cherish what they’ve earned. If you want a man to chase you make sure you are the woman guys have to work hard to get. 

Research suggests we want what is rare, not the one that’s easily available. This theory extends even to our partners. Attraction is not just about the elusive prize at the end. it’s not all about being beautiful or pretty or attractive. Attraction is all about personality. We use to say someone has a nice personality when they’re not particularly attractive. What attracts us to a person? It’s the way we feel when we are with that person. This means we have the power to influence how a person feels when they are with us!

Male psychology not just allows you to know how to get the guy you like, but how to get the guy to like you.

Guys don’t tend to go for the full-on makeup look. They prefer a more natural look. After all, if they are picturing themselves kissing you, they don’t want that tons of lipstick in between. Just a touch to highlight your features abd a nude makeup. 

Stop chasing him -right away. This is the worst thing you can do. It will put him off instantly. Generally, men hates being chased because that’s their job. You’re taking the masculine role from him. You’re one of the thousands now, not the rare one. Remember, men want to chase and they love doing that. 

You might be a modern woman who loves sex as much as men do but you have to make him wait. Unfortunately, we still live in times where men place a certain degree of importance on how quickly women have sex with them. So you have to act a little coy and delicate for a while, especially with him. If he gets you straight away you won’t be that prize anymore which he wants to chase. He won’t have exerted any effort to win you. You just laid there and he took you. Make sure you to make him wait. 

Keep your drama out for the first few dates. Don’t tell him everything in the beginning. Imagine how would you feel if someone you’d just met started telling you intimate details of their lives after 5 minutes? You don’t him have this feeling about you. 

Men love funny women because they can have fun with them. In fact, men chase funny women because they feel good and comfortable with them. So you want he should chase you, you have to have a good sense of humor. 

You must have heard ‘When you stop looking for someone they just happen to appear’ this is because when we focus on ourselves we are making the best out of our lives. And we shine without knowing it; sending a powerful message out to the world that we don’t need a man to complete us. We have a fulfilling life and that any man who wants to be a part of our lives has to be worthy. That’s a contest they want to win.

Women usually don’t like the trick of ignoring a man because they think he’ll lose interest in them. However,it works but in short term. The trick is to act as if you don’t really care whether he talks to you or notices you. Remember about that fabulous life that you’re leading! You’re not like the other desperate women who are searching for a husband or neither you have time for it. You’re different. And that’s what guys are looking for. Ignoring him makes you stand out from the rest