How To Remove Fear From Your Brain And Heart?

5 Best ways to Remove Fear From Your Brain And Heart

The biggest obstacle in your life is fear. It creates the peripheries of your happiness and you accept that fear, being unhappy because you made that apprehension for yourself: even knowing its consequences.

Fear is a natural human behavioral factor.

Types of Psychological Fear

Human being has different types of psychological fear :

  • Fear of attachment.
  • Fear of opening up.
  • Fear of failure.
  • Fear of Success.
  • Fear of Commitment.
  • Fear of rejection.

We have made a concept in our mind that if such things happened to us in the past, then they will happen in the future. So we judge our future from the past, what has happened to us, and we guess that the same thing will happen to us in the future. As you all know people don’t live in the present you all are curious about your past and future.

How To Remove Fear From Your Brain And Heart?

Fear is anything that makes you weak, negative, or depressed. And at a certain time, fear is faced by every individual but some people face the fear firmly and some people give up and spend their life being scared.

Fear is an obstacle between happiness and success. If you always have fear about everything in your mind, then you will not be able to develop, and you will not be able to move forward in life. It will become the biggest reason for your failure.

If you like singing, you’re interested in it and you sing for hours at home, but when it comes to performing a stage show, you step back, there is a fear inside you that what will happen, how will I sing, whether people will like it or not.

Your fear always exists in your future. You live present but your mind exists in the future and for that reason, we ruin our present. This fear has created a place inside you that is not allowing you to live freely and is preventing you from fulfilling your dreams. While you like everything, you do not do it because you are afraid of how it will happen and what will happen.  So you are never mentally in the present and your fear remains only about what is about to happen.

Ways to Remove Fear From Your Brain And Heart:

There are some ways you can overcome your fear:

Be positive

Your positivity will deliver a lot of power and peace to your brain and heart which gives you the courage to face your fear firmly. Positivity makes you wiser. It improves your personality and also helps to build your career successfully.

Be aware of your fear

Fear happens in all of our lives, but that fear is different for every person some people are aware of their fear and some people do not even know what they are afraid of it. Recognize your fear, understand what you are afraid of, and then face it positively and calmly.

Be in present

When you start living in the present and stop thinking about the future or fearing things that will happen in the future, then You will live happily ever after in your present. You enjoy the present moment because who knows if tomorrow is not there then enjoy what you have with you today and as soon as you know the value of the present, your life will be less fearful and happier.

How To Remove Fear From Your Brain And Heart?

Do meditation

Meditation will provide your mind peace and overcome your fear. It will give you the energy how to deal with a fearful situation. You don’t have to do proper meditation or yoga if you only do breathe in, and exhale. That will also provide you with powerful energy against your fear.

Stop predicting

The more you predict, the more your fear will increase and your expectations from life will decrease, you will find yourself losing every day.That’s why stop predicting, enjoy this moment, whatever has to happen, will happen.

Always put your fear behind you and yourself in front.

For some period fear makes you comfortable, satisfied, and happy but This will stop you from moving forward in your life and will become an obstacle to achieving your goals. When you are in fear you predict a lot and your prediction creates a fearful environment. 

When you start considering your goal as your priority, your fear will automatically reduce. Face that uncomfortable situation, change your uncomfortable situation to a comfortable one, and Love that moment, give it importance, enjoy it, and live like it is the last day of your life.

Love your life, fear is a part of life, if you stop living life because of fear, then how will you live life  happily. Except your fear and face it bravely.

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