Internalized Motivation: The ultimate tool to happiness and excellence

Internalized Motivation:

Motivation is powerful energy towards our action. It is one of the main reasons behind the efforts we make in our life. When we are motivated to do something we start improving and moving toward our goals. We start working according to the goal we set, creating something innovative, every day was challenging and we face it with full dedication and energy.

Internalized motivation

Types of motivation

So there are two universally accepted types of motivation

 1. Externalized Motivation.

 2. Internalized motivation.

So in this article, we’ll discuss internalized motivation. When you feel nothing to accomplish and feel like you are useless to yourself, family, and friends then motivation is the immense function. It makes you stand and gives you courage through all this to move forward and improve yourself.

Internalized Motivation (intrinsic motivation)

Let’s we’ll explain internalized motivation ( intrinsic motivation) and explore some of the best things about this.

Internalized motivation is an abstraction, it indicates your behavior toward your work, and it encourages you to enjoy your work and make it interesting for you. Have you ever noticed? That when you work on your own will, with your desires, with your happiness, then you get more pleasure and peace in that work and that work is became more interesting for you? Every day you will discover and learn something new in the same work Because that work gives you satisfaction.

Internalized motivation

This satisfaction and enjoyment will contemplate in your behavior and You will see yourself changing every day, with improvement. When you are internally motivated you will do that job without any expectations of compensation, because you are fulfilling your expectations internally, and you are enjoying that work which gives you happiness.

Incentive motivation is necessary for anything you want to do or you have to do both are different but you have to be internally motivated for both terms. When you want to do something you will do it full of energy and pleasure as opposed to that when you have to do you show more interest in rewards rather than contentment.

If I tell you through an example then see you like writing rather than sitting in front of the computer handling someone’s account. So if you like to write then yourinterest, and contribution is more on this because that is your best part. Here you can show your talent and create content innovatively.

Intrinsic motivation is a condition that satisfied you and gives you a feeling of competence, Autonomy, and relatedness. Creates an environment for you in which you are comfortable and satisfied. Gives you space and allows you to thrive.

Your brain needs this kind of mechanism which initiate and encourage you to maintain the effort.It is like a psychological need that sustains and maintain you to your destination. At a certain time, we human beings go astray and our brains don’t work at that moment for that we need motivation. Need to be internally motivated which inspired you and changes your perspective.

See when you are struggling with hunger and unable to get the required food then what encourages you to satisfy that hunger your internal motivation motivates you toward your hunger full stop but here instead of a reward comma you will get food which is necessary for every human being To stay alive. And you are working because you are incentive toward yourself.

It changes you’re attitude and personality because when you are motivated by your inner soul then you know the goal of your life and face superficial things intensely. your mind adapts motivation because it is a positive expression that develops you every day.

Internalized motivation also develops your personal growth by improving your behavior. You have identified the shortcomings that are hindering your personal growth and at some point you come to know that this behavior is putting you back and you will be found lost yourself. Then your incentive motivation will give you the power.

Personal growth is such a thing where nothing can be possible without motivation. Because until you are motivated about those things, you do not know their value and importance. If you want to behave or act like your favorite actress or actor then you are internally inspired by that person. It is a positive action that develops you and makes you self dependent.

When you are insensitively motivated, you achieve success because you are very clear with your goals and you have less expectations in return. It is an action that commits you to do certain things for yourself, which formulate your growth your improvement your action and your behavior.It makes you more creative and sustainable in the things you decide. And when you know yourself and motivate yourself it is easy for you to take decisions because you know right and wrong for yourself.

⁴Action speaks with incentive motivation without any expectation.

When you do any work with your pleasure and you enjoy that work without any expectation then it will become a very satisfactory reason for your success. That will fulfill you with peace enjoyment, and satisfaction. Because you are contributing more and expecting less.

People who are internally motivated are more likely as

  • Victorious
  • Optimistic
  • Persistent
  • innovative
  • clear
  • satisfied
  • Helpful

There are such activities that are internalized motivators to pursue

  • Book reading
  • Sports activities
  • Meditation
  • Spirituality

Such invisible rewards for these people are:

  • Enjoyment
  • Satisfaction
  • Peace
  • Personalgrowth

Internalized motivation theory

It is based on self determinant theory bracket STT bracket close which determines an individual experience towards his action of autonomy, competence, and satisfaction. Essentially it is important to have such kind of motivation in your life which makes your life simple with full of improvement in a good way without any obstacle.

Internalized motivation summary:

Encourage you to enjoy your work without any expectation.

It indicates your behavior towards your growth.

Gives you feeling of Competence, Autonomy, Relatedness.

Change your perspective and inspired you internally.

Develops your personal growth.

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