Motivation Vs Discipline: Much needed Assessment in 2023

Difference Between Motivation and Discipline

What is more important in life to get success in life, Someone will say  Motivation, Someone will Discipline and Someone will say both Motivation and Discipline.

Motivation is about why we are doing any task. It is internally and we can motivate by looking at others even we can be Self-Motivated. But the Best Motivation is Self Motivation as it comes from the inner soul of the body. Motivation helps us in focusing our goals. Motivation is our final destination where we want to reach. It is the initially the main things in reaching for goals.


To get Success in life, we must have Motivation that helps us  to get our goal in effective manners.

While Discipline is about what we are doing today. It is also internally but we love to follow the discipline by itself. Like In Motivation we can Motivate by looking at others, but in the case of Discipline we can’t be disciplined by just looking at others. We have to follow the scheduled timetable by ourselves to be in Discipline.

Motivation is the first burst of inspiration and discipline can be termed as the thing that keeps you moving toward your goal long after the novelty has faded. Motivating provides a relatively short-term boost of momentum that can quickly burn up. Discipline is a learned method of maintaining productivity over time and maintaining a clear pathway towards achieving your goals.


Discipline is the bridge between the goal and Accomplishment.

Motivation is meaningless without Discipline. Suppose I am motivated to do a task but I don’t have discipline and because I do not have discipline then I will not be able to Complete my task  for why I was motivated. So we  can say we cannot get success only if we are Motivated, We have to follow the Discipline as well.

Discipline helps us  to get closer to our goal when our Motivation is low. If we are following our daily Schedule  then we are quite disciplined and when that Discipline becomes quite strong and  hence helps us in getting our goals when our Motivation is low.

It is Motivation that Motivate us in reaching our goals when our Discipline breaks.

Lets take the example of a boy who is preparing for the exam,The Motivation of the boy is  to be a Doctor but the exam for which the boyis studying to be a Doctor is NEET, So the discipline is the main things  that the boy must follow the to pass in the exam and hence in reaching his goals.

In this example we can say that first of all we have to set our Motive, If we do not have Motive means we do not have the reason why we are doing that particular task that helps us in reaching our goals.

We cannot follow our scheduled routine on the daily basis if we don’t have motivation. In other words we can say that its very hard to follow our disciplined life in a long time if we don’t have Motivation for that particular task.

Motivation is must in reaching our goals while Discipline is most important things what we are doing while reaching our goals.

We can say that Discipline is more important than Discipline because only by being motivated we cannot get or achieve our goals easily.

For achieving our goals we need to follow a Disciplined life that should have a scheduled routine for our goals.

For examples let us take the example of two shopkeeper, Shopkeeper A and Shopkeeper B.

Shopkeeper A opens the shop only when they get motivated, they doesn’t have a disciplined timing  of opening and closing of shop that means they open their shop twice or thrice a week and that’s too on different day, hence the customer doesn’t have any  idea about opening and closing of shop and hence Shopkeeper A earning less profit.

While Shopkeeper B opens their shop in a Disciplined way means they have a perfect timing of opening and closing  for their shop and they open their shop from Monday to Saturday which suits the customer hence Shopkeeper B earns more profit.

So from this we can say that both Shopkeeper A and Shopkeeper B have Motivation but Shopkeeper A  doesn’t have Discipline while Shopkeeper B have Discipline which helps their family to earn extra as compare to Shopkeeper A.

For getting Success we must have a Motivation and a Disciplined life in a such a manner that we must follow that scheduled routine for getting success.

Now, We can Conclude it by saying that First of all we have to make a motivation means why we will do all ours works and put our efforts then we must follow a Discipline life that should have a scheduled routine and which must be applicable in a long term.

We must follow the Discipline to get success in life because alone Motivation cannot take us to the path of success.

In the Same way, we cannot get success only if we follows the scheduled routine without our Motivation.

It will be same like doing hard work without knowing our destination, because its motivation that helps us to bounce back to the track when our scheduled routine gets disturb.

In the last we can say that Motivation and Discipline are the two faces of coins, just with one we cannot get success in our life because both are dependent on each other.

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