Psychology of Money Quotes: 25 Best Lines from the book

Here are 25 quotes from the book “The Psychology of Money” by Morgan Housel:

“The psychological side of money is not just a minor player in the story of capital; it is the story of capital.”

“Money is interesting not because it is inherently interesting but because of what it enables us to do.”

“Wealth is the hidden ingredient that explains people’s behavior, because it amplifies their personalities.”

“Saving money is the gap between your ego and your income.”

“You cannot fully understand the psychology of money without understanding the history of money.”

“The best financial decision is the one that allows you to sleep soundly at night.”

“The key to wealth is the ability to sustainably delay gratification.”

“The less you need, the richer you are.”

“The purpose of money is to help you achieve your goals, not to impress others.”

“Money is like fire: it can burn you or it can keep you warm.”

“Investing is not the study of finance, it’s the study of how people behave with money.”

“The more we learn about the psychology of money, the more we realize how little we know.”

“The most important thing you can do with money is control it.”

“Money is a tool, not a destination.”

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.”

“Money buys freedom, but freedom doesn’t come from money.”

“The biggest risk of investing is not volatility or loss of capital, but loss of emotional control.”

“The value of money depends not on what it can buy, but on what it can enable you to do.”

“The difference between being rich and being wealthy is that the former is temporary, while the latter is permanent.”

“The best way to build wealth is not to focus on getting rich, but on staying rich.”

“The most important thing to know about investing is that there is no formula for success.”

“The best way to learn about investing is by doing it.”

“The key to successful investing is not predicting the future, but preparing for the unexpected.”

“The biggest mistake you can make with money is not learning from your mistakes.”

“The most important thing to remember about money is that it’s not about the money.”

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