Reverse Psychology to make him chase you

Reverse Psychology

Don’t you want to make him fall for you? Stop chasing him and let him do that for you. Use reverse psychology and see how things work out. Let us first see what reverse psychology actually means.

Human psychology is the tendency to do things which he is asked not to do. Doing exactly opposite of what is being said makes one feel that others are not taking his life decision and he does what he wants to and not what others say.

Reverse Psychology to make him chase you

It is a technique of stating something to someone opposite to what he/she expects. It is assertion of a belief or behaviour that is opposite to what the person in front expects so that the person in front does what he wants.

When you say something that is not expected it will create a negative emotional reaction which is based on the term “Reactance.”

It happens when someone is made adaptable to situations which is contrary to the actual thoughts he has in mind. Reactance is when the person’s sense of control over himself is taken away.

In simple terms if you want someone to do something for you, tell them that they can’t do that for you. This will make the person do the same thing for you to prove whatever said was wrong.

This technique helps more efficiently because sometimes when you provoke normally the things may not workout every time but when reverse psychology is applied it makes the person in front think about what is being said ands he may take actions quicker than the normal provocation and in this way you can make him do things you want him todo.

Here you intentionally argue about something but secretly you too want the subject to do exactly the opposite. Reverse psychology works in love as if you love someone , ideally you will express it by showing love, care etc but using reverse psychology you have to show it as if you don’t care and that will attract them more.

Reverse psychology and Application

You want someone to do something, just tell him “you cant do it” and see how he does that same work with dedication.This works according to theory of reactance which is a strong negative emotion .Resultant of it you do things that you have been denied for doing.People do opposite of what is being said to show freedom and to satisfy ego.

Reverse Psychology

Psychologists believe that when you are asked to do something, it feels like ordering it shows that your freedom of choice is being restricted.

For instance, your partner does not give enough time to you, instead of directly telling him to give you time you tell him that he doesn’t have time for you.

This will create an emotion in your partners mind that this is not true, even you are aware of the fact that you want his time and by doing this he will give you time.IN a same way he feels that this is false and to prove you wrong he will start giving you time and that is all you wanted.This motivated you to bring back your freedom and do opposite what your partner says.

How to make him fall for you?

You want him to behave in a certain way or do certain things or actions.BUt without directly telling him to do so,use reverse psychology so that he will do all that you want all on his own.

Well, this is a technique where his behaviour is controlled but to some extent also used for manipulation.While using this technique one must be careful that you behave casually and do not let him know that you are doing this on purpose.

  • Stop being too polite and humble.This somehow decreases your value,establish your independence.Know that your value is no less than your partners. 
  • Do not always follow plans made by him, make plans according to your schedule and let him follow that.Be assertive and bold. Do not let anyone take control of your life.
  • Give yourself respect ,be straightforward.
  • Have your own space do not let him decide your mood and emotions therefore give him space do not talk for a while that will make him miss you and when he will miss you , he will come to you to talk. Sometimes you can even have to challenge him so he proves you wrong and himself right by doing opposite.

Complain for compliment:

Complain about area of choice where you want him to compliment you.If you want him to compliment you, do not directly ask for a compliment.Just say that you don’t look good in front of him though you yourself know that you do but saying so will create a negative emotion and to oppose you he will just say that you look good and on top of that  he may also give more compliments.

It can also be used to know what is going on in his mind. To make him chase you, just pretend that you are not interested even if you are.

Because psychologically people think that it is harder to attract things you cannot easily get so this will make him think you are special and you don’t have to show interest and he will start chasing you then.People tend to attract more towards people where they have to struggle to get them as compared to people who you can get easily and are available all the time.

When you are jealous if he talks to other girls, don’t show that to him just pretend that you are not jealous and ultimately if he sees that him talking to other girls doesn’t affect you and you don’t care , he will stop doing that on his own.

Well, reverse psychology is a powerful tool to make him do whatever you want and to make him chase you.But should be used normally and not making it obvious so that he chases you without even knowing you are the one interested then too he is chasing you.

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