What is Rational Detachment?

Rational Detachment

Detachment refers to the act of separation, disconnecting or disengagement with someone or something and if we talk about rational detachment , it means managing our own behavior and not taking the behavior of others personally.


Individuals get easily attached with anyone by interacting with them , meeting regularly or by relating with them. Rational detachment helps us to first think about ourselves, our behavior and then think about others.

A common example of detachment in the life of a woman is marriage. She is expected to leave her house ,her parents, family everything and live with someone else. In case of an arranged marriage they don’t even know each other properly. Girls are prepared for this separation from early childhood , they are told
that they will go to someone else’s house and spend their whole life with the new family.


Rational Detachment can be made without being sorrowful, ashamed or disappointed. We can do so in a few steps. It’s important not to get attached so easily with anyone without giving time to relationships and being dependent on them so easily.

And in case if we want detachment , we can be productive by doing some work and get distracted by the emotions, something like workout or any physical activity or we can explore our talent or do work on our hobbies.

Another way is finding escape. It’s not always important to think continuously on our mistakes, rather we can just totally get deviated when some situations get out of our control and do something which pleases us.

Also it’s important to get prepared for the worst. Some promises are meant to be broken and we cannot punish ourselves because someone did something to us.

We should be mentally and emotionally strong and should not feel oppressed . The best way for recovery, perhaps is a small talk or confession with our family and friends.

They are the ones who love us unconditionally and give us the best advice . but in today’s scenario most of us want to be alone , we don’t want to share our feelings , emotions , problems with anyone so all we can do is just write down what we want, think and feel. Surely it will relieve stress .

Detachment can be stressful for everyone, but people who make detachment rational are the superiors. This skill we can learn from teachers. In every session they get to interact with new students, they teach them, grow with them , create memories and every time the students say goodbye to them.

But does this make them low ? No they get more experience and motivation and become more fruitful everytime. If they get more invested with them it will be difficult for them only to move ahead. Slowly and gradually they get used to it and don’t get bothered much.

Healthy emotional distance is the key for emotional growth and development. We can have Rational detachment with either people or situations , it does not matter. It’s about the positive rays which we need to find in ourselves.

We need to stay calm and try to fix the situation by responding rationally. Rational detachment can help us to be more emotionally independent, and not worry about the circumstances or just assumptions. It’s the path towards self healing.

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