What Motivates People To Struggle For Change?

Factors Motivating People To Struggle For Change

We are in a world that constantly changing and evolving as times appear. we change our lives according to our requirement and situation as the world is developing our requirement according to the situation change.So in this article we’ll explore what motivates people to struggle for change ? what are their significance.

What Motivates People To Struggle For Change

Life is like a river that drifts according to its waves and the pushes they got. every day that wavebrings changes in their flow that where the cycle of life the procedure which not only improve but also enhance individuality in the field of empathy, satisfaction ,victory and from failure and falling to stand up vigorously. Life is all about change which is required and important for everyone after a certain period.

Change is natural in everybody’s life it is like a requirement for every person. So what was the reason behind this change we can say motivation is a powerful tool a positive word for change . And people  encouraged according to their requirements or by the speech of their professor, their teacher, their mother, or father or YouTube motivator there is enormous medium for motivation and people choose according to their preference. So what motivates people to struggle for change it is the natural procedure in everybody’s life and people adapt according to their prerequisities. Behind this motivation there are various grounds on which people struggle for change.

Financially unstable people have tremendous motivation towards change and they confront numerous complications because of being financially vulnerable. They are not able to make their intentions successful in the field of education, career , or something they are interested too  or want to give their family better lifestyle.These indigent people have many kicks behind their change they motivate themselves and struggle to change their condition.Struggling in the field of education and occupation to give themselves and their families a better livelihood by fulfilling their all requirements.

People Struggle Motivate Them For Chage

Many people face poverty and are not able to satisfy their hunger that situation  motivates them to struggle for change. Hunger Motivate People To Struggle For Change.

factors which motivate People To Struggle For Change

In recent days we have listened to many CHAIWALA stories. Like MBA CHAIWALAso what make them CHAIWALA their situation motivates them towards change and they are not embarrassed about this they adapt change full of motivation and their struggle became the greater motivation for others.

The Situation Motivate People To Struggle For Change

Our dreams and desire motivate us towards the change. we dream and then we have the desire to accomplish . Dreams bring desire and Our desire   brings changes in individuals. Individuals became the greater motivation to others it gives the direction to the people to change their lives and explore new things. As the world is changing , universe evolving day by day brings new desire to the person if we complete our desire according to our dreams that will bring changes and develop our life.

People Inspiration Motivate Them To Struggle For Change

Growth brings new requirement and it naturally adapts change as we grow eery day according to our requirements.  When the infant comes out of his childhood his growth will bring change and that growth will bring struggle in his life because when he comes to his adulthood he will responsible for all his work it can be any decision and desire and for that they will struggle for good result.

Growth Motivate People To Struggle For Change

Some people want to change their life for themselves they set a particular course.They want to do this job to make their life better and bring changes.For these people work hard give their best in every field and take risk to develop their life. By completing that goal and desire , inspire them towards better livelihood and happiness . Now a days the  biggest  troubling reason behind this struggle is pain the pain of hunger , pain of break up,  pain of uncomfortable, pain of ignored , pain of failure. 

So their pain brings the struggle  they fight  with this pain and struggling in this situation to ggive themselves better change in future.Like hunger is the biggest pain one has in their life most uncomfortable pain which affect the human body physically and mentally.Every day huge amount of people face this what makes them motivated to work and satisfy themselves by having necessary meals.

Problems Motivate People To Struggle For Change

Emotionally distressbrings change in people’s behavior they are struggling to express their emotions in front of their family, friends ,or colleagues . so that discomfort motivates them towards themselves to come out .  see when the boss and employee have a conversation and the employee have some problem he will not emotionally attached or comfortable to say. some people struggle to fight with their emotions and confront the people and for them this is the hardest work because they are emotionally challenged.

Emotions Motivate People To Struggle For Change

Hence struggle is part of life and motivation is the path of life that direct us change from weak to strong, from uncomfortable to comfortable, from unstable to stable , which will improve people personalities and livelihood condition . People will have to struggle and fight their hunger, emotion ,and situation. Which will make them strong like a hill and happy like the sky. For this change people have to sacrifice many things their family , friends , at a point they ignored their own happiness to achieve that goal which brings changes in their world .

Sacrifice Motivate People To Struggle For Change.

What Motivates People To Struggle For Chang

  • People struggle motivates them change .
  • The situation motivates them to struggle for change.
  • Hunger motivates them to struggle for change.
  • Their problem motivates them to struggle for change.
  • Growth motivates them to struggle for change.
  • Emotions motivates them to struggle for change.

Everyone has different struggle in their life to achieve such goals and complete such requirements but this are the problem which is common and faced by everyone at a time.

Hope this article will helpful for you understand what actually motivates people to struggle for change.

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