Why a motivated teacher is Important

 If you want to achieve greatness as a teacher , you need to stop ask yourself first and INTROSPECT  What is it STOPPING YOU ?

This one simple Question makes motivation important in life because it aligns you to work towards your goals.Once you know the reasons to achieve those goals,You are motivated ..GOALS give a meaning to your temporary thought process at any point of time in your life .

 Goals are the ladders toward your dreams of life  so  you need motivation to keep you marching towards your goal.

Motivation does not come naturally to us because we are humans and we think. A repetitive work,schedule,activity will bore you to the extent of having second thoughts. So many people don’t get motivation to set a target in the first place itself . Some who set the target they don’t continue on the set goals as the BOREDOM creeps in.

Motivation is that factor that turns a good thought into immediate and Sustainable boring action. It can positively impact the world around you if you are motivated.

Without motivation, you will never get the desired results despite best intentions. There are no targets to aim for and no purpose to march towards anything..

Motivation is actually a life skill. The reason it’s important is because every person on this earth is unique and has a different understanding of his purpose ,existence,situations to set a goal.

Sometimes we are in a situation where we directly become responsible for so many lives because of nature of our duty. All public office holding individuals and people dealing with humans directly have far more moral direct responsibility to be motivated to do the right THING.

TEACHING is one profession where the individual is not responsible just for your sake, but the sake of others as well.

We live in a world where things are dynamic and ever changing . It becomes far more important for humans to train their kids’ mind with the right things, right morale values, right skills for them to become great individuals.

A spirited teacher can personally help an individual to be the best VERSION of themselves which they can be. This can have a positive effect on kids ,students ,class confidence, relationships and the community they live in.

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The possible reasons why a motivated teacher will go on to make big changes in life of individuals, society ,country and this planet are explained below .

Motivated teacher has clarity of thoughts on life goals .

When a teacher is motivated, he has a desire to change his life and do a positive contribution towards the society.  He  pushes his students,his disciples towards their goal because of a desire for change in their life. He helps them to clarify their goals  so they  know exactly what they are learning or studying for

A spirited teacher sets Right priorities for his students.  

Once a individual knows his goals and has slight clarity on his short term goals ,a teacher helps to priorities activities in his students life . If his goal is to prepare a class of great footballers, he will have training seasons, food habits, team matches, fitness programs and discipline to build the team of his dream or aspiration.

 Motivation helps a teacher to focus and make a commitment to seeing not only his goals but his pupils goals too are met.  

A motivated teacher will teach you to accept failures,overcome setbacks and have positive outlook in life.

Chances are that before you achieve a success there will be setbacks  , there will be occasional failures,sometimes success might take longer How do you sustain yourself in those testing times ?

There is nothing called a dream journey towards goals. There are momentary pains ,there will be setbacks . Only a motivated mentor,guide ,teacher helps you in those difficult nerve wrecking times to be there for you to look straight and ahead in projects,lives and goals .

A motivational teacher will help you with his attitude towards problem .

A motivational guru will teach persistence of hard work.

Thomas Edison is known for the invention of the light bulb and is noted for this quote, ‘I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.’

 He famously said , ‘Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.’ Motivation will teach you to persevere when reality tells you to give up.

Now this approach towards life will always keep you looking forward to TRY for the solutions,goals and meaning not only in the short term but also in the long term. We all need the perseverance of Edison in our lives to not be dejected despite failures which never seem to end the misery of situation.

A spirited fighter is far more dangerous than a lifeless lion

Fear of failure is common in every stage of life and possible for every individual with thought process. So, how does a motivated teacher helps you in this ? Perhaps he knows that you are afraid ,perhaps he has the wisdom to be ok with your fears knowing that FEARS are there and they make us humane. But fear should not make you weak or make his students weak.

Hence, despite empathesing with them , he will make them battle ready ,he will ensure that they give their best . Motivated people see beyond their fear and can dream the outcome. Such people  will always help their students see the bigger picture in taking those risks.

Motivator builds self confidence.

When we are  motivated to achieve your goal, our confidence comes from the daily rigour,daily training and hard work put in towards the goal to make us feel empowered. Outcomes might not always be in your favour but confidence for an activity only comes from practice and PRACTICE requires motivation .

Motivator ensures that you are disciplined enough to do what looks boring to his students ,looks unachievable at any point of time. But unless and until there is a dream, a desire to toil hard to achieve that dream, end result will never come.

SELF CONFIDENCE  gets a boost when a motivated  guy gives you daily doses of importance of rigour,hard work,displine, consistency .

.Motivated teachers  will  always have some activities in their hands  because they have pushed  their barriers,challenged themselves ,put higher targets and seen positive results, which gives them motivation to start new projects and try new things.

Motivated teachers create future motivators ,inspiring individuals

If you’ve ever met a motivated teacher, you will be amazed by the positiveness in his approach of dealing with students,dealing with parents,guardians anxieties,his own uncertainities in his life .

Society needs such positive energy individuals for ensuring that the future societies are crisis ready to deal with any kind of unexpected situations in terms of climate,finances,politics,economy,accidents,incidents in their own life.

Such peope become role models for budding ,thinking minds and they set themselves to be an example for all such inndividuals who think that they can play a greate,a better role in others lives .

Motivated dedicated teacher become a lifelong impression about LIFE.

Motivation is great trait and when we are young ,still willing to accept the idea of right ,wrong,fair,unfair,moral and immoral ,a dedicated teacher will have far more lasting impression on the students and their IDEA OF LIFE.

A individual motivated enough to be the reason for being creator of POSITIVE impressions in his students mind will try to do his best to LEAVE HIS MARK on his students life.

If you’ve ever met or hung out with a self-motivated teacher, his students  will feel like they can achieve anything because their positivity and can-do attitude elevates their own spirit. Seeking out a motivated teacher can help elevate society motivation levels.